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Summer street theatre continues with Fools Paradise

by Steve Beasant on 13 July, 2011

Creature Feature gorillas

Summer street theatre in Cleethorpes continues on Saturday, July 30, when the animals will invade.

Professional theatre company Fools Paradise will introduce two of their fun animal-based acts to entertain people during their visit to the resort.

โ€˜Creature Feature- Plan It with the Apesโ€™ will see three very life like gorillas and their keeper out and about on the sea front.

The gorillas look and act just like real mountain gorillas, with a dominant silverback male, a hen pecking female and a furry ball of cute juvenile mayhem to watch and enjoy.

Mountain gorillas are almost extinct the wild so as well as entertaining, the keeper also shares valuable information during the act about the gorillasโ€™ habitat.

As if that wasnโ€™t enough, Icarus Rooโ€™d will present their eye catching and unusual act which features giant Kangaroos on bouncy stilts.

The kangaroos present a phenomenal sight, bouncing up to one metre in the air and with their crossover of macho outback attitude and inner city savvy.

Both acts will be performing between 10am and 3pm at the pier end of the prom.

For more information about summer street theatre in Cleethorpes, call the arts development team on (01472) 323350.

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