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Communities Together International Market

by Steve Beasant on 7 August, 2011

The vibrant sights, sounds and tastes from around the world will be heading to Freshney Place (near the Barge) this month, for the International Market. 

North East Lincolnshire charity, Communities Together, is hosting the event which will be held at Freshney Place on Saturday, August 13th from 10am to 3pm.

The organisers are inviting everyone to browse the colourful stalls, enjoy the varied entertainment and sample cuisine from a range of different cultures. 

Communities Together promotes equality, multi-cultural awareness and understanding. 

They work with all sections of the community and arrange events that foster friendship in the North East Lincolnshire area. 

Come along and…

  • Browse the colourful stalls
  • Enjoy the vibrant and varied entertainment
  • Sample cuisine from a range of different cultures

Everyone welcome!!! Why not wear any national dress?! (Regular shops and stalls will be operating as normal)

For further information please call (01472) 325198 or email [email protected]

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