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Vince Cable welcomes big rise in apprenticeships

by Steve Beasant on 30 October, 2011

Provisional figures published on 27th October indicate that apprenticeship starts for academic year 2010/11 have risen by more than 50 per cent compared with final figures from 2009-10.

The Statistical First Release shows that apprenticeship numbers have risen across all age ranges and levels of training across the apprenticeships programme.

The data shows that there were 442,700 apprenticeship starts in the full 2010/11 academic year (final data for 2009/10 shows 279,700 starts).

Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

β€œThis Government’s unprecedented investment in apprenticeships is working for businesses and creating long term career opportunities for record numbers of trainees.

β€œI’m particularly pleased that vital sectors like construction, manufacturing and engineering are continuing to back apprenticeships, despite tough economic times. By helping firms build a stronger skills base, this investment puts businesses on solid foundations to deliver sustainable growth and a more balanced and inclusive economy.

β€œThe Government will continue to improve and strengthen the apprenticeships programme to drive up standards, cut bureaucracy for smaller firms and deliver more advanced level and high tech training.”

Of the 442,700 apprenticeships starts between August 2010 and July 2011 there were:

  • 292,700 Intermediate Level apprenticeship starts (2009/10 figure 190,500);
  • 147,900 Advanced Level apprenticeship starts (2009/10 figure 87,700);
  • 2,100 Higher Apprenticeship starts (2009/10 figure 1,500).
  • 128,300 apprenticeship starts by those aged under 19 ( 2009/10 figure 116,800);
  • 138,900 apprenticeship starts by 19–24 year olds (2009/10 figure 113,800);
  • 175,500 apprenticeship starts by those aged 25 and over (2009/10 figure 49,100).

The largest sectors were:

  • Business, Administration and Law with 130,290 apprenticeship starts (76,590 in 2009/10);
  • Retail and Commercial Enterprise with 100,630 apprenticeship starts (61,620 in 2009/10);
  • Health, Public Services and Care with 86,120 apprenticeship starts (44,150 in 2009/10).

Apprenticeship starts in key growth sectors remain substantial:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies with 47,020 apprenticeship starts (37,860 in 2009/10);
  • Construction, Planning and the Built Environment with 26,560 apprenticeship starts (25,210 in 2009/10);
  • Information and Communication Technology with 19,160 apprenticeship starts (12,570 in 2009/10).
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