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Humberside Police ask residents not to ‘let your guard down!’

by Steve Beasant on 25 May, 2012

It is fair to say that we are all enjoying the warmer sunny weather at the moment and long may it continue however the higher temperatures can also provide burglars with very easy targets as residents and home owners try to keep cool.

Opportunist crooks will simply walk around their favoured areas looking for insecure easy access points such as ground floor windows and doors which have not been locked as these offer the chance to slip into a property within a matter of seconds in order to make the most of the rich pickings within.

They will often target obvious valuable items which have been left of show such as purses and wallets, mobile phones, laptops and handbags as these items can be grabbed quickly allowing them the chance to get in and out without being spotted, often while the occupants are somewhere else within the address or enjoying the garden.

With this in mind, Police are asking residents to remain vigilant as the summer approaches and ensure your home is secure during the day and through the night even if you are in.

James Cartwright, a spokesman for Police in North and North East Lincolnshire said: “While the majority of us enjoy the warmer weather as it allows us to spend more time out doors in the sun, thieves enjoy it as it can often result in easy targets being presented to them and this is why it is important for residents and home owners to be vigilant as the summer approaches.

“Leaving a ground floor window open could easily catch the attention of a passing thief looking for an easy way in giving them the chance to slip into your home within seconds and make off with valuables from within.

“At various times last year, up to half of the burglaries commited across North and North East Lincolnshire were as a result of a property being left insecure through doors being left unlocked or easy access points such as ground floor windows being left open.
“Taking a few simple precautions such as ensuring no easy access points are left open and ensuring nothing of value is left on show within easy reach could prevent you from becoming a victim of crime and help us to keep thieves at bay.”

To help the local community reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime, Humberside Police offer the following advice:

Ensure that homes are secure at all time and don’t leave potential entry points open accessible.

Whilst out working in the garden, perhaps with a loud lawn mower or power tool, leaving windows or doors wide open is an invitation for an opportunist sneak thief enter your property and steal your valuables. The same applies with sheds and garages. It only takes a second to close a door or a window.

On a warm day, there might be a temptation to leave your vehicle parked on the drive with its windows open to allow fresh air to circulate. But leaving it unattended makes it is easy for someone to take items from it or even to steal it.

In all of these circumstances outlined, there’s the potential to lose valuable property, have your house burgled, or lose your car!

Please remember to help us to help you! These kinds of thefts are committed by opportunists who could be wandering around your neighbourhood looking to take advantage of people who leave their property insecure.

For crime prevention advice, please contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team or visit

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