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Consumer Futures responds to Ofgem reforms for the retail market

by Steve Beasant on 23 June, 2013

Adam Scorer, Consumer Futures Director of Policy and External Affairs said:

‘For a long time the energy market was a perfect storm of higher prices, manufactured complexity and consumer confusion.

‘We welcome today’s announcement. Everyone wants a simpler more trusted market. There is a lot in this reform package that could bring that closer.

‘Now Ofgem needs to get on and implement it and energy companies need to respond to the spirit of the reforms.

‘But it would be naive to assume that this will sort out the energy market out once and for all. The market needs to earn consumer confidence. Consumers are not just going to wake up one sunny morning and decide that they trust and want to engage with the market. There are also areas where Ofgem needs to go further, which include making it much easier for customers to switch supplier.  

‘Moreover Ofgem will need to take this commitment to reform further and respond to the new challenges when smart meters, time of use tariffs and energy services provide new opportunities for energy companies to win or lose consumer trust.’

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