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“Dog attacks on posties is unaceptable” says Andrew Stunell

by Steve Beasant on 23 August, 2013

Liberal Democrat MP for Hazel Grove Andrew Stunell supported Dog Awareness Week after learning that over 20 postmen and women were attacked by dogs in Stockport in 2012/13.

Commenting, Andrew Stunnell said:

“It’s unacceptable that our postmen and women are having to go to work knowing there’s a high risk of being attacked by a dog throughout their day. They should be able to do their job without risk of injury and know that if something did happen, the law would back them up. That’s why I’m supporting the Government’s commitment to amend the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991”

Since 2011 there have been 5,500 attacks on Royal Mail postmen and women, some leading to a permanent disabling injury. Over 2,400 postmen and women were attacked across the UK by dogs in April 2012 to April 2013. Attacks have resulted in the loss of 4,100 working days due to injuries. To date this has cost the business approximately £400,000.

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