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Businesses slam EU pull out threat

by Steve Beasant on 27 December, 2013

UKIP and Conservative threat puts thousands of local jobs at risk 

UK businesses are warning that a British pullout from Europe would do huge damage to our economy.

A recent CBI study showed that 8 in 10 firms say that Britain must stay in the EU.

Local Euro MP Edward Mcmillan-Scott said, “UKIP and many Conservatives want Britain to leave the EU no matter how many jobs it costs.

“They don’t seem to care about the impact on business, and of course local workers who could see hours cut back or their jobs disappear.

“While Labour and the other parties stay quiet on Europe, the Lib Dems are fighting hard to keep Britain in Europe and to protect millions of jobs.”

Three million jobs

Expert studies have shown that over three million jobs are linked to Britain’s EU membership.

UK businesses also receive billions of pounds each year in EU grants and loans to help them grow.

No wonder so many business leaders are horrified at the idea of Britain pulling out.

Roger Carr, President of the CBI said, “UK membership provides unfettered access to a single market of 500 million people, which today is our largest export customer.

“Departure would undermine jobs, dilute international relationships and damage national wealth.”

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