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North East Lincolnshire Council wins grants to help develop housing on brownfield sites

by Steve Beasant on 16 January, 2015

North East Lincolnshire Council has secured grants totalling Β£125,000 that could help see more than 300 new homes built on three brownfield sites in the borough.

Three winning bids were made by the council in competitions run by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) to pilot the use of Local Development Orders (LDOs) to stimulate more housing on brownfield sites.

An LDO is a legal document that that sets out standards for development on a specific site.

If development meets all the criteria in the LDO, then it should not be necessary to apply for planning permission – making the process simpler and less risky for developers.

The three sites are the former Birdseye Site in Ladysmith Road, Grimsby, the former Western School site (excluding the playing field) in Cambridge Road, Grimsby , and the former Clifton Bingo site in Grant Street, Cleethorpes.

The project will be managed and delivered through the Council’s regeneration services partnership with Cofely.

The news comes after a separate announcement that North East Lincolnshire Council has been shortlisted to become one of England’s flagship brownfield housing zones.

Details about the three sites:

Former Birdseye Site, Ladysmith Road, Grimsby Although it already has permission for housing, this site has been left as a wasteland for a number of years. Creating a LDO for this site will help make it more marketable and deliverable to other developers. It is expected to deliver between 160 and 180 new homes.

Former Western School site (excluding playing fields), Cambridge Road, Grimsby This site presents an opportunity to enable the delivery of high quality development in the urban area. By setting standards in a LDO, developers will be encouraged to use innovative design. This site is expected to deliver around 120 new homes.

Former Clifton Bingo site, Grant Street, Cleethorpes Similar to the Ladysmith site, this site has a permission for retail and housing, but has remained a wasteland. It is an important site within the Conservation Area, and immediately next to the train station. The LDO is an opportunity to help see the site brought back into use and have a positive impact on the wider area. Although small, the site could deliver as many as 30 new homes.

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