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It’s time the Tories and Labour committed to giving the NHS the money it needs #LibDems

by Steve Beasant on 1 April, 2015

Liberal Democrat Health Minister Norman Lamb has called for the Conservatives and Labour to commit to investing £8bn a year in the NHS by 2020.

Analysis in the British Medical Journal said that pledges by the Conservatives and Labour to improve access to GP appointments are unlikely to be achieved.


Commenting, Norman said:

“It’s time the Tories and Labour put their money where their mouths are and give the NHS the 8bn a year by 2020 it urgently needs. They have so far failed to give any indication of how they plan to fund it. The Liberal Democrats have. Why can’t they?

“I want all parties to come together after the election to take part in a non-partisan review of health and care budgets so that we can identify the improvements the NHS can make to join up health and care and safeguard it for the future.”

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