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Thief targeted 86-year-old

by Steve Beasant on 6 July, 2015

Grimsby: Can you help to trace burglar?

Can you help to trace a man who barged his way into an 86-year-old woman’s home and stole her purse?

The incident happened between 9.30pm and 9.50pm on Saturday July 4, at the property in Grimsby’s Tivoli Gardens.

The suspect rang the buzzer and claimed to be a window cleaner. However, when the elderly victim went to the door, he barged past her and began to search the house.

He took a purse from her handbag, grabbing her when she attempted to stop him, before making his escape.

He is described as white, in his early 20s, around 5ft 9ins tall, of “ordinary” build and with hair described as “not dark, but not blond”. He wore grey trousers and a grey top.

For advice on protecting yourself from burglary – or if you wish to pass information to a vulnerable friend or relative – click here.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting log number 687 of July 4.

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