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Supporting victims of hate crime

by Steve Beasant on 30 October, 2015

Being You Is Not A Crime – Targeting You Is

Being You Is Not A Crime but targeting you is – and if you are a victim of hate crime there is a wealth of support and advice available from both the force and its partners.

As part of our continuing campaign to reach out to vulnerable members of the community and highlight that verbal and physical abuse is not just a part of life, officers are today focusing on the organisations in your area that can help.

Hate crime can be reported to the force by calling 101, or via a wealth of organisations, located across our communities – details of which can be found here.

And further support for victims can also be found on your doorstep, with a number partner agencies and organisations providing services for those who have been targeted.

All of the following organisations can provide specialist help and advice – with contact details for your local centres available here.

  • Humber All Nations Alliance (HANA)
  • Hate Crime Co-ordinator and Gay Police Association
  • Age Concern
  • Community Legal Advice Network
  • Victim Care Unit
  • Samaritans
  • Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Sergeant Chris Swaby said: “Humberside Police is committed to tackling hate crimes and incidents.

“Our communities should feel confident that any reports we receive will be taken seriously and vigorously investigated.

“The multi-agency response we follow ensures a premium service to victims. Specialist advice and support is available 24 hours a day and we would urge people to come forward with information regarding Hate related matters to allow us to challenge and educate offenders”

A spokesman for HANA said: “All HANA staff have received training on identifying what constitutes a hate crime and how we can assist victims.

“If you wish to discuss any particular incident, or if you are unsure about what constitutes a hate crime, please contact any of our staff.

“Assistance can be provided for non-English speakers who wish to contact us and for those with disabilities.”

For all the latest on the Being You Is Not A Crime campaign, visit the force website, following @humberbeat #BeingYouIsNotACrime on Twitter or visit the Humberside Police facebook page.

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