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Brian Paddick writes… Chairman Mao might have backed Labour’s ID card plans, but Lib Dems won’t

by Steve Beasant on 26 November, 2015

The following article was written by Brian Paddick and published today on the Liberal Democrat Voice Website

In the House of Lords today, Labour tried to resurrect the National Identity Card scheme with some support from the Conservative benches. The Government Home Office minister countered that it was too expensive and ineffective in that those we would most want to carry an ID card are the least likely to carry them.

Liberal Democrats object to the compulsory carrying of identity cards on principle, as an infringement of the liberty and the right to privacy of those lawfully going about their business but there are other reasons why a national identity scheme should remain dead and buried.

Not one of the tragic deaths or horrific injuries inflicted by terrorists in recent times in the UK could have been prevented had a national identity card scheme been in place. The identities of the bombers and would-be bombers of the London transport system in 2005 were quickly established. The identities of the murderers of Lee Rigby were never an issue.

Lord Reid, the Labour Party Home Secretary who introduced the UK ID card scheme that was swiftly stopped by the Coalition government, argued that European countries had national identity cards so why don’t we? There are two answers. If we were part of the Schengen Agreement, allowing the freedom to travel between European Countries without passport checks and bearing in mind the porous nature of Europe’s external borders and the current terrorist threat, there would be more of a pragmatic case for an ID card scheme. I think we are as likely to join the Schengen Agreement in the foreseeable future as we are to join the Euro. Thanks to Liberal Democrats in the coalition government, the policing of the U.K. border has been strengthened to obviate the need for a national identity card scheme.

The second answer is Paris. Despite the requirement of all the European Countries through which the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks passed, that everyone must carry an identity card, his free movement from Syria through Greece and intermediate countries to France made no difference to his ability to coordinate such a murderous atrocity. In any event, unless it is a requirement in Syria to carry an ID card and unless he decided to comply with that requirement, the fact that there was a compulsory national identity card scheme in the countries he travelled through, it would have made no difference.

I am sure Chairman Mao would have supported Labour’s attempts to bring back a UK national identity card scheme but Liberal Democrats will continue to resist any and all attempts to erode our civil liberties in an attempt to provide a false sense of security.

Brian Paddick was Deputy Assistant Commissioner in London’s Metropolitan Police Service until 2007, the Lib Dem candidate for the London mayoral election in 2008 and 2012, and a life peer since 2013.

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