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Domestic Abuse – Safeguarding Children and Adults

by Steve Beasant on 30 November, 2015

What is MARAC and why is it so important? 

If a person poses a serious risk to a partner or to others in our community, the police and our partners will implement a plan to ensure the public is protected and victims supported. A week into the domestic abuse campaign, we offer an insight into the efforts Humberside Police and our partners make to keep our communities safe.

So what is MARAC and why is it so important?

MARAC stands for Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference. This is a set of arrangements to manage the risk posed by the most serious domestic abuse perpetrators in our communities.

It means police, probation and the prison service, along with other key partners including local authorities, youth offending teams, housing providers, children’s social care, health and mental health commissioners and providers, are brought together to share information.

By working in this co-ordinated way, individuals deemed as posing a risk to the safety of others, are identified, risk assessed and a risk management plan is implemented.

Victims of domestic abuse and honour based violence are discussed in this meeting, with a structured response created to restrict the level of serious domestic abuse incidents within the Humberside area.

Detective Inspector Craig Nicholson, said:

“Protecting victims of domestic abuse from harm by effectively managing those who present the most risk of serious harm in our communities, is the priority of MARAC.

“Through MARAC, statutory and voluntary agencies are able to work together to provide a consistent response to the cases assessed as high-risk; safeguarding victims and children, seeking to manage perpetrators and prevent repeat victimisation.

“The sharing of relevant and proportionate information about the current risks lets representatives identify options to increase the safety of the victim and any other vulnerable parties such as children.

“At the heart of a MARAC is the ethos of multi-agency working and the assumption that no single agency or individual can identify or manage the risks alone, but by sharing information and working together the outcomes for the victims of domestic abuse incidents can be significantly improved.”

Key facts:

  • MARAC was introduced in 2007, in the three years prior to MARAC being established 8 people were murdered in a domestic abuse incident, since MARAC was introduced (8 years ago) there have been 7 domestic murders in Humberside.
  • 38 per cent of all Humberside Police’s demand for service relates to domestic abuse, rising to more than 50 per cent each December.
  • Humberside Police launched a domestic abuse campaign last week with the campaign strapline ‘We will believe you”, using the hashtag #lifecanbebetter.
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