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I despair at Labour’s meltdown… writes Tim Farron

by Steve Beasant on 7 January, 2016

tim conf1The following article was written by the Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron and published yesterday on his Facebook Page.

I despair at Labour’s meltdown. Britain needs a progressive liberal voice that can actually challenge the Conservatives and offer an alternative that understands real people’s lives.

Just this week, when a party is needed to challenge the Housing Bill, shine a light on the UK’s shady relationship with Saudi Arabia and highlight the worrying consumer credit bubble, Labour are nowhere to be seen. Labour is not that credible alternative. It is split from top to bottom.

While Britain is being let down, Liberal Democrats will fight to do all we can to protect those in need, the small business struggling on the high street and the family worried about cuts to Universal Credit. We will stand up for them. We can be that alternative.

If you, like me, are looking at the Labour division and rancour with despair, join us. Liberal Democrats can offer an alternative. 2016 can be a year of hope and opportunity. Britain can be a fairer, less unequal and more optimistic place, true to its values. Join Us:


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