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Are your doing enough to protect your cycle?

by Steve Beasant on 8 January, 2016

Lock your cycles with a decent lock to keep them out of the clutches of criminals.

Humberside Police are urging people to secure their cycles with decent locks to avoid the chance of them being targeted by thieves.

In the vast amount of cases cycles stolen in the force area are taken when they are left either unlocked or secured with feeble low cost locks that are easy to snap by thieves.

To combat the issue we are urging people to do their bit to tackle the crime regardless of whether the cycle is a high value road bike or a child’s first cycle.

People can do this by investing in a good quality lock and using it even if the cycle is left unattended for a minute. It’s recommended you spend at least 10 per cent of the value of your bike.

PC Andy Allen, Crime Reduction Officer for Hull said:

“A large number of cycles are stolen each year from across the Humberside area and a large proportion of these are when they were left unlocked and unattended. This could be from outside a shop when people are nipping in for some essentials or outside friends’ homes when they are briefly dropping in. However, the message is clear lock it or risk losing it!

“I would also advise people to avoid cheap locks as they are not much of a deterrent to cycle thieves as they can be easily broken or cut. I would therefore always encourage cyclists to invest in SOLD SECURE or similar rated, quality locks. As a guide, spend at least 10% of the value of the bike.”

When cycles are not in use they are often stored in shed and garages, therefore people are asked to make sure the building is suitably secured.  Ensure that a strong lock is fitted, consider fitting an alarm and ensure cycles are locked and anchored to the walls and/or floor – and ideally to other valuables – making them difficult to remove.

To assist the police in recovering and returning stolen cycles, owners are urged to register them onto Cycles can easily be added onto the property register and then this assists the force in identifying a cycle as stolen/lost, bring offenders to justice and stop the cycle being sold via second hand stores. The system can also allow you to upload a picture, which can then be used as part of appeals to locate stolen cycles.

PC Allen added:

“We are really keen to ensure that as may cycles and electricals are registered onto immobilise as possible. It assists us in identifying stolen property so it can be returned to victims, while bring offenders to justice and preventing others from profiting from crime.”

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