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Lib Dem MP hits out at Ofsted chair for calling Isle of Wight a poor ‘ghetto’ full of inbreeding

by Steve Beasant on 5 August, 2016

The Guardian reports that the Ofsted chair, David Hoare, has come under fire for describing the Isle of Wight as a poor ghetto that suffers from inbreeding.

Hoare, a former City banker, said the island was blighted by a “mass of crime, drug problems, huge unemployment” and underperforming schools.

His extraordinary comments provoked a strong backlash from people on the Isle of Wight, where the council leader, Jonathan Bacon, condemned them as “an insult to the proud and hardworking Isle of Wight community”…

john pughJohn Pugh MP, the Liberal Democrat’s education spokesman, said:

“To blame poor performance by the island’s schools on inbreeding is both insulting and ignorant.

“Many coastal communities have excellent schools and those that don’t are not helped by the sort of unenlightened attitude that would have been challenged even in Victorian times.

“If the best Mr Hoare can do is bring saloon bar comment to complex educational problems you have to wonder how he ended up as Chair of Ofsted.”

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