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Tim Farron’s “utterly opposed” to bringing back grammar schools.

by Steve Beasant on 7 August, 2016

tim conf1The Mirror reports that Theresa May is poised to scrap a ban on new selective schools being set up.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said he was “utterly opposed” to bringing back grammar schools.

“Grammar schools segregate children.

“By 11, when children typically sit the test for grammar schools, only three quarters of the poorest children reach the government’s expected level of attainment in education, compared to 97% of the wealthiest kids.

“The Sutton Trust found that only 3% of children at grammar schools were on free school lunches, compared with 20% across the country, so grammar schools do not help social mobility.

“A new generation of grammar schools would help a very small number of the richest children while ignoring the needs of millions more children who are already suffering from underfunded schools.”

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