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The Government is betraying the legacy of the London Olympics says Tim Farron

by Steve Beasant on 8 August, 2016

timFigures uncovered by Tim Farron and revealed in the Daily Telegraph show that 95 school playing fields have been sold between the Games in August 2012 and the end of 2015, at a rate of two playing fields a month.

Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democrats which uncovered the figures through Parliamentary Answers, said:

“These figures clearly show that the Government is betraying the legacy of the London Olympics. We should be doing all we can to keep the flame alive in the next generation.

“The flame of inspiration sparked by that summer in 2012 should be nurtured but yet the government seem happy to put that all at risk by flogging off playing fields.

“The way we find the next generation of Olympic medallists is through grassroots coaches and schools who spot their talent and inspire them on.

“It is also a crucial part of ensuring that everyone – gold medallist or not – has access to good quality sports coaching and facilities.  Our figures show the government is failing on both counts.”

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