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Corbyn has hauled up the white flag on Europe says Sal Brinton

by Steve Beasant on 9 August, 2016

salOver the weekend Jeremy Corbyn stated that we’ve had a referendum, a decision has been made, you have to respect the decision the people made.

Sal Brinton, President of the Liberal Democrats, has responded to Corbyn’s comments:

“Jeremy Corbyn was virtually invisible during the referendum campaign. He has hauled up the white flag on Europe, sacrificing worker rights, environment protection, economic prosperity and perhaps freedom of British people to live and work on the Continent.

“Jeremy Corbyn is clear favourite to win his leadership race, so this is likely to become the Labour stance.

“I know many decent pro-Europeans in the Labour Party who will be devastated by how he has rolled over.

“Since the referendum, 18,000 members have joined the Liberal Democrats, making our party the largest it has been this century. People have responded to our positive message, which is that we will be the only UK-wide party that will go into the next election still determined to defend our European future.”


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