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Tim Farron: let teachers teach, don’t try and turn them into auxiliary border officers – they are not educational minutemen

by Steve Beasant on 6 October, 2016

timCommenting on changes to the schools’ census that require schools to ask for the nationality and the country of birth of pupils, Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:

“It is disgusting that the Department of Education is asking for schools to send out questionnaires asking for children’s place of birth. It is unnecessary, divisive and yet another example of this government’s obsession in creating a hostile environment in our communities.

“Alongside plans to make firms publish their details of anyone not born in the UK in their workforce, dismissing the vital contribution overseas doctors play in our NHS and the ridiculous plans to criminalise landlords, it is clear that Theresa May’s Conservatives are now dancing to Farage’s tune.

“We should be letting our teachers teach, not trying to turn them into auxiliary border officers – they are not educational minutemen. Parent and pupils do not have to provide this information and I am sure many will not.”

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