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Let’s face it; Osborne is not even fit to be the editor of the Beano

by Steve Beasant on 17 March, 2017

The news that ex-Tory Chancellor George Osborne has been named as the new editor of the London Evening Standard, in a move that has prompted calls from political opponents for him to stand down as an MP.

Shortly after the announcement, Lib Dem MP for Leeds North West Greg Mulholland tweeted:

I already thought the world has got a bit mad, but this is just absurd, wrong & deeply inappropriate! #?!

This was followed with a tweet from the Leader of the LibDem Tim Farron:

I guess I should apply to edit Viz then?

In reply to Tim, Viz tweeted:

. You start on Monday, Tim.

But seriously, let’s face it, Osborne is not even fit to be the editor of the Beano.


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