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Lib Dems back credible minimum nuclear deterrent

by Steve Beasant on 19 March, 2017

Liberal Democrat Spring Conference 2017 votes to back a credible minimum nuclear deterrent:

Liberal Democrat members have today voted for proposals to maintain a credible minimum nuclear deterrent, keeping the Trident Successor Programme but ending continuous at-sea deterrence

The proposals would mean the UK’s submarines would patrol at irregular intervals, meaning the UK’s adversaries would not know when our submarines were at sea so the deterrent is maintained.

The party also called on the Government to redouble diplomatic efforts to support moves towards global
nuclear disarmament.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Defence Secretary Judith Jolly commented:

Liberal Democrats are an internationalist party, committed to working with our allies abroad and sharing security.

“This new policy reflects the volatile global situation that a militaristic Russia, President Trump and rising nationalism have all contributed toward, but is still in line with our commitment to disarmament.

“Our party has always fought for a world free of nuclear weapons, and this provides a unique path to achieve that aim.”

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