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Vince Cable: Labour is failing young people in Manchester on Brexit

by Steve Beasant on 13 April, 2017

Vince Cable: Labour is failing young people in Manchester on Brexit

Vince Cable has warned that young people in Manchester are being robbed of opportunities by the Government’s push for a hard Brexit and that Labour is failing to stand up forΒ them.

The former Business Secretary today attended a drop-in session for young people to discuss careers and training at The Place, a community centre in Fallowfield, before campaigning alongside the Liberal Democrat candidate for Manchester Gorton Jackie Pearcey.

Sir Vince Cable commented:

“Young people in Manchester are seeing their future opportunities robbed from them by this Government’s drive for a hard Brexit.

“Many of those I spoke to today are worried about what the future holds and how much harder it will be to find a decent job if the economic situation worsens.

“Labour are failing these young people by refusing to stand up against a hard Brexit and fighting amongst themselves instead of providing a decent opposition.

“It’s about time Manchester had an MP who will stand up for local jobs and provide a real opposition to this Government.

“Jackie Pearcey is a fantastic candidate who has served this area for decades, she will be the strong local champion Manchester Gorton needs and deserves.”

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