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Leaked manifesto reveals Labour won’t give people final say on Brexit deal

by Steve Beasant on 12 May, 2017

The leaked version of the Labour manifesto has confirmed Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour won’t give the people the final say on the Brexit deal.

This comes after Jeremy Corbyn made clear that Labour believes Britain must leave the EU whatever the agreement reached, in an interview with BBC Look North yesterday.

Former Liberal Democrat party president Simon Hughes said:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has waved the white flag and given Theresa May a blank cheque to pursue a divisive Brexit.

“Now this leaked manifesto confirms they are refusing to give the British people the final say over the Brexit deal, no matter how bad it is.

“A better future is available. The Liberal Democrats will stand up to Theresa May’s cold, mean-spirited Britain and against a bad Brexit deal that will cost jobs and put up prices.

“We will give you the final say on Brexit – with the option to stay in if you don’t like the deal on offer.”

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  1. Please stop messing round, and say the LibDems would put a stop to Brexit. The advisory referendum was only “won” with a pack of lies, manufactured by Robert Mercer. It was a travesty. The result should have then been voted on by MPs, but May blocked that unconstitutionally. Her “activation” of Article 50 was invalid because Parliament had not voted to leave. The whole thing is so flawed you can’t just say we might have a vote on it later. It must be disqualified now.

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