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Lib Dems in Great Grimsby back petition against Conservatives’ Dementia Tax

by Steve Beasant on 29 May, 2017

Plans by the Conservatives to bring in a tax on dementia sufferers that could see people losing their homes have been condemned by Steve Beasant, Liberal Democrat for Great Grimsby.

Currently, those elderly people with more than £23,000 of savings pay towards the cost of their social care at home if they are suffering from long term illnesses such as dementia.

The Conservatives’ Manifesto reveals they plan to raise the limit to £100,000 BUT to include the value of a person’s home as well as savings. The vast majority of elderly people who own their homes will therefore be caught in the Conservatives’ tax net.

“The Conservatives’ plans are a tax on dementia and other long term illnesses which will force families to sell family homes to pay off the cost of social care,” said Steve Beasant.

“What’s more, the Conservatives’ Manifesto had nothing about capping what someone would need to pay towards the cost of their care.

“Theresa May’s party went into meltdown when the lack of a cap was highlighted. Her claims that the Conservatives will now ‘consult’ on a cap does not mean a cap will be put in place. They are simply trying to make a bad policy look better.

“The Liberal Democrats have launched a petition against the Conservatives’ Dementia Tax. I am giving it my full backing and I’m urging residents of Great Grimsby worried by the Conservative’s plans to sign the petition at

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