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Govt’s Euratom position raises more questions than answers

by Steve Beasant on 13 July, 2017

The government has published a Brexit position paper confirming plans to leave Euratom, but has not given any details on how the transition to a UK nuclear regulator will be made.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary Norman Lamb MP, the newly elected Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee, commented:

“This paper raises more questions than it does answers.

“No details have been given on how the transition to a new UK nuclear regulator will be achieved on time, and no mention has been made of medical isotopes for cancer treatment.

“This will do nothing to reassure cancer patients worried about potential delays to their treatments.

“The government must urgently come up with a workable alternative to Euratom membership.

“Instead of relying on bluster and bravado, it’s time for ministers to face up to the damage that could be caused by their reckless Brexit plans.”

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