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Our mental health system isn’t fit for purpose

by Steve Beasant on 6 August, 2017

Sir James Munby’s revelations reinforce that our mental health system is in need of urgent reform and investment.

Lib Dem Shadow Health Secretaryย Norman Lamb

As a health minister, I was proud to make sure mental health was at the top of the political agenda, but today’s judgement by Sir James Munby highlights how much work there is still to do on the lack of mental health provision in critical cases.

Sir James Munby is absolutely right to highlight the shameful inadequacies of our mental health system.

It is a scandal thatย the money secured by Liberal Democrats in government has not all got through to those who need the care.

The gap between the Government’s rhetoric and the reality is terrifyingly stark.

Tragically this is not as unusual a case as people might think, or that it should be. Many, many lives are lost due to such failures in the system.

We have made big advances in reducing death rates among people with heart conditions and HIV/ Aids, for example, but across the world we have not made the same progress on suicide โ€“ one of the biggest killers of young people there is.

It is a moral imperative we do more.

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