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Liam Fox should stop flip-flopping and take off rose-tinted glasses

by Steve Beasant on 14 August, 2017

On Saturday, Liam Fox’s Department for International Trade released figures claiming to show that sunglasses, swimwear and ice-cream are all big exports – and that means Brexit is going to be a success.

He also claims that the sale of £1.4m worth of UK flip-flops are “promising news for trade deals” as is the sale of £3.7m in card-games from the UK.

Quite frankly, Liam Fox’s department should be renamed the Ministry for Brexit Propaganda after releasing these laughably biased figures.

Despite his attempts to paint a positive picture, the country’s economic outlook is looking increasingly bleak because of the huge uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Conservative ministers should stop flip-flopping, take off their rose-tinted glasses and protect jobs by keeping Britain in the single market.

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