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Even Brussels must be tired of this waffle

by Steve Beasant on 22 August, 2017

The Conservatives admit the current system has served British citizens well, but are still hell-bent on ripping up it up.

Lib Dem Shadow Exiting the European Union; International Trade; First Secretary of State, Tom BrakeΒ 

Each Brexit paper the government releases leaves us with more questions than answers. Even Brussels must have had enough of this waffle by now.

The government have released their latest Brexit position paper on civil judicial cooperation.

The Conservatives are admitting the current system has served British citizens well, giving them certainty that the same rules will apply across Europe. So why are ministers hell-bent on ripping up this system and plunging British citizens abroad and EU citizens here into uncertainty?

No clarity has been given over which court will resolve disputes and how this will work in practice.

The government doesn’t even seem to know what it wants to negotiate, so how can it possibly secure a good deal for Britain?

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