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80,000 jobs boost for Frankfurt is “further humiliation” for Boris Johnson

by Steve Beasant on 26 August, 2017

Boris Johnson has been humiliated, twice in the same day. Not only has he admitted we’ll have to pay Brussels a divorce bill, but his bluff and bluster about Brexit being good for the city has been proved false.

Lib Dem Exiting the European Union; International Trade; First Secretary of State, Tom Brake 

A new report shows that Brexit will create 80,000 jobs in Frankfurt.  Coming on the same day he was forced to admit the UK will have to pay a divorce payment to the EU this is yet a “further humiliation” for Boris Johnson.

During the referendum campaign Boris Johnson claimed Brexit would see hundreds of thousands of new jobs created in the UK.

However, according to new report by Frankfurt Main Finance, the relocation of financial services staff from London after Brexit will create of over 80,000 new jobs and an extra £176m in local tax revenues per year in Germany.

Boris Johnson was right that Brexit will create thousands of new jobs, but it turns out they will be in Germany not the UK.

This is a further humiliation for the Foreign Secretary, after he was forced to admit the UK will have to pay a hefty divorce bill to the EU.

Yet another one of the Brexiteers’ promises has ended up on the scrapheap.

If the Conservatives were serious about standing up for Britain, they would fight to stay in the single market and prevent a catastrophic loss of jobs and tax revenue.

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