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Labour’s ‘shift’ on single market all spin and no principle

by Steve Beasant on 27 August, 2017

Judge Labour by their actions, not their words. On every single vote that mattered in the Commons, they’ve voted against the single market and for a hard Brexit. Today’s ‘shift’ means nothing.

Lib Dem Shadow Exiting the European Union; International Trade; First Secretary of State, Tom Brake

Reports in today’s Observer that Labour is making a “dramatic shift” on Brexit should be taken with a pinch of salt., the Liberal Democrats have said that Jeremy Corbyn remains a Brexiteer in disguise.

Tim and time again, Jeremy Corbyn has whipped his MPs to vote with the Conservatives against the Single Market and for a hard Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn is still a Brexiteer in disguise.

This is all spin and no principle.

When Labour’s Chuka Umunna sought to win a parliamentary vote to stay in the single market, Jeremy Corbyn sacked any frontbencher who dared vote with him.

Mr Corbyn supported the Conservative Brexit government and is Theresa May’s best ally in her attempt to drag Britain out of the world’s largest market.

Judge a party by hard actions, not empty words.

Jeremy Corbyn conned a generation at the last general election that he was somehow against Brexit. He isn’t.

Keir Starmer can say he opposes hard Brexit, but his leader doesn’t back him.

Labour is utterly divided.

Even Mr Starmer is only proposing to remain in the single market during a transitional period, and refuses to say he will back membership after that.

Only the Liberal Democrats are committed to staying in the single market and customs union so only the Liberal Democrats will be able to build a sound economy.

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