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May must use Florence speech to guarantee rights of EU nationals

by Steve Beasant on 16 September, 2017

It’s well past time for Theresa May to guarantee EU Citizens #RightToStay – and she must use her Florence speech to do just that.

Lib Dem Shadow Exiting the European Union; International Trade; First Secretary of State, Tom Brake

Theresa May must use her speech next week in Florence to change course and unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU nationals, to prevent a ‘Brexodus’ of thousands of nurses and teachers working in Britain’s schools and hospitals.

In a conference motion passed today, we demanded that the government urgently publish a review into the impact its Brexit policies are having on staffing shortfalls in public services.

There are over 60,000 EU nationals working in the NHS, making up 10% of doctors and 7% of nurses. In addition, there are nearly 100,000 EU staff working in the social care system.

The Conservatives’ insistence on an extreme Brexit poses a clear threat to our public services.

Already the government’s stubborn reluctance to guarantee the rights of EU nationals is making thousands of nurses and teachers from Europe question their future here.

Plans to double the immigration skills charge and clamp down on EU migration risk making the recruitment crisis facing teaching and nursing even worse.

The Government should urgently publish a review into how its policies on Brexit and immigration will affect staffing shortages in the public sector.

Theresa May must also use her Florence speech next week to guarantee the rights of EU nationals and prevent a damaging Brexodus from our schools and hospitals.

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