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DExEU head Oliver Robbins finds an exit from Brexit

by Steve Beasant on 18 September, 2017

At least someone has managed to find an exit from Brexit. It’s just a shame it’s the Civil Servant who is supposed to be managing it.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats,ย Vince Cableย 

In surprising news today, the Head of the Deparment for Exiting the European Union, Oliver Robbins has quit to take up a new role after a series of disagreements with David Davis.

I’m glad someone has found an exit from Brexit.

Unfortunately for theย government, it’s the civil servant who was meant to be leading it.

This is a sign of the chaos and division at the heart of this Government.

Conservative ministers are trying to drive through an extreme Brexit no matter the cost, ignoring expert advice from civil servants.

With Boris Johnson trying to grab the tiller of HMS Brexit, it’s little wonder the rest of the crew are jumping ship.

This latest fiasco in the Brexit saga reinforces the need to offer the British people an exit from Brexit, with a referendum on the final deal.

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