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Govt Tuition fees U-turn a “panicky bribe” says Vince Cable

by Steve Beasant on 1 October, 2017

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has given a cautious welcome to indications from the government that they will raise the tuition fees repayment threshold, but questions where the money will come from and suggests ministers have been motivated by fear into a “panicky bribe”.

Vince Cable said:

“Raising the repayment threshold to £25,000 is a reform I have been advocating, so naturally I welcome that pending a broader review of the whole system.

“The government also needs to restore student maintenance grants and put more funding into Further Education Colleges.

“I just question where this money will coming from.  Ministers keep telling us there isn’t a magic money tree.  And Brexit will slow growth and reduce tax receipts.

“The Conservatives have belatedly discovered that there is a massive problem of unfairness between generations.  But much more is needed than a panicky bribe.”

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