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Vince Cable: Surprising how quickly Brexit talks have stalled

by Steve Beasant on 12 October, 2017

Responding to Michel Barnier’s comments that Brexit talks are deadlocked, Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said: 

“While many observers were sceptical about the government’s ability to successfully negotiate a Brexit deal in just two years, it is still something of a surprise how rapidly the talks have stalled.

“The Prime Minister’s willingness to entertain the possibility of no-deal scenario is utterly reckless, and businesses will no doubt now be accelerating their contingency plans. This divided cabinet are putting personal politics above the national interest, and we are all going to pay for it.

“Yesterday Theresa May said the Government will spend £250 million in the event of a hard Brexit, yet detailed studies by the London School of Economics and the Treasury have put the cost to our economy in the tens of billions.

“Instead of wasting eye-watering amounts of taxpayers’ money on repairing the damage, the public must be given a vote on the final deal, with the option of an exit from Brexit.”

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