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Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan at odds over referendum on Brexit deal

by Steve Beasant on 24 October, 2017

Keir Starmer has rejected calls for a referendum on the Brexit deal yesterday, claiming it would be insulting to voters who backed Leave.

Speaking at an event held by Progress and the Institute for Chartered Accountants, the Shadow Brexit Secretary said holding a referendum on the deal would not respect the initial vote and was “peddling something to anxious people.”

It comes as Sadiq Khan appeared to leave the option of a referendum open if the Brexit deal was rejected by Parliament.

Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake commented:

“Keir Starmer is wrong to reject our call for a referendum on the deal.

“Whether they voted Leave or Remain, people deserve a chance to judge the final Brexit deal for themselves.

“The real insult would be to impose a damaging Brexit deal on the country that a majority of the public don’t support.

“Every day the evidence is growing that an exit from Brexit would be good for our economy, living standards and public services.

“The British people, not politicians, should get the final say at the end of this process, with a choice to reject the Brexit deal and stay in the EU.”

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