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Labour must withdraw whip following O’Mara racism – Vince Cable

by Steve Beasant on 25 October, 2017

Responding to the latest revelations that Jared O’Mara made racist comments, Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, has called on the Labour Party to withdraw the whip.

Vince said:

“This is completely unacceptable behaviour. If he did make these remarks Labour needs to withdraw the whip from him immediately.

“People must have confidence that MPs will stand up against prejudice. As MPs we cannot let ourselves fall short of those standards, particularly in our dealings with the public.

“One thing is for sure, the Labour Party need to review their selection process for general election candidates.”

Paul Scriven, Liberal Democrat Peer and former Leader of Sheffield Council, added:

“First it was sexism, then homophobia and now racism. What does it take for the Labour Party to take action to suspend an MP who has such serious allegations against them?

“It is becoming clear this is not all some historic outburst but a very ugly and distressing trend that seems to indicate the Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam hasn’t changed.”


Jared O’Mara’s latest comments can be found here: 

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