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Norman Lamb responds to Jeremy Hunt on mental health care

by Steve Beasant on 29 October, 2017

Responding to Jeremy Hunt’s comments on the Andrew Marr show this morning on improving mental health care that “Rome wasn’t built in day,” Liberal Democrat former Health Minister Norman Lamb said:

“It’s cold comfort for a teenager waiting months for treatment to be told that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“Jeremy Hunt committed to a vision of comprehensive waiting time standards for mental health care, but now the Government is failing to commit the resources needed to make it happen

“Families affected by mental ill health cannot wait years for improvements to happen. They are desperate here and now. Neglecting their needs for years cannot be tolerated and will, in time, cost the country a fortune.

“We are already seeing the tragedy of more and more people with severe mental health problems ending up sleeping rough in our towns and cities due to benefit cuts and inadequacies in mental health provision.”

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