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It’s time for Amber Rudd to do her job and defend police from cuts

by Steve Beasant on 30 October, 2017

Reports suggest that Police underfunding may have reached shocking new levels – and it really is time for Amber Rudd to stand up for our police and help us keep people safe.

The following article was written by Ed Davey

The Conservatives have savaged our police force – inflicting deep cuts that have left officers struggling to respond to crime and weakening their ability to protect our communities.

Reports today show just how deep Conservative cuts have savaged the police – with reports suggesting that the Police need at least £1.3bn a year more to fight terrorism and crime.

Despite the government promising to protect police budgets we have seen cuts year after year which have resulted in fewer police patrolling our streets and, as a consequence, crime going up.

It is time that Amber Rudd did her job and defended the police against further cuts.

She should be spending the weeks in the run up to the budget getting guarantees from the PM and Chancellor that they will fund community policing properly and start fixing the mess they have made.

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