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Govt must stop PIP cuts that balance the books on most vulnerable – Norman Lamb

by Steve Beasant on 2 November, 2017

Commenting on the latest guidelines for Personal Independence Payment recipients, Norman Lamb, former Liberal Democrat Care Minister, said:

β€œWhile I am pleased that the Government has budged slightly on giving disabled people the money they need to live with dignity, these changes leave much to be desired.

β€œThese concessions ignore several other major tribunal rulings earlier this year, which ruled that people should receive greater amounts of PIP if they have difficulties traveling alone or monitoring a health condition. Instead, the Government chose to restrict eligibility criteria in order to save money, effectively balancing the books on the backs of the vulnerable.

β€œWith complaints about the PIP assessment process up by almost 900% in a year, the government must urgently review the entire scheme to ensure that the needs of disabled people are being properly met.”


The government announcement can be found here:ΒΒ 

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