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Norman Lamb responds to contaminated blood inquiry being moved to Cabinet Office

by Steve Beasant on 3 November, 2017

Responding to the news that the Cabinet Office will carry out a “full statutory inquiry” into the contaminated blood scandal, former Liberal Democrat Health Minister Norman Lamb commented:

“It is good news that the government has bowed to pressure and agreed to a statutory inquiry.

“This is crucial to ensure that the inquiry is completely independent from the Department of Health, whose role in this scandal needs to be fully scrutinised.

“The imperative now is to rapidly appoint a chair, and finally deliver answers and justice for all those affected by this horrific tragedy.”


3 Responses

  1. Margaret madden says:

    Thank you for ur comment like many of us we face another xmas without our loved ones I lost my son my mum and my cousin to aids and hep c been fighting for the truth since 1992 Thank u once again for careing

  2. Margaret madden says:

    I would like to no why there are papers of Margaret thatchers sealed not to be opened until 2085 when there is a contaminated blood campaign going on looking desperately for answers to why our loved ones were ill and dieing the most horrendous deaths when she was priministee along with Kenneth Clarke and she had all the answers please open them m madden Hyde Cheshire broken hearted mother my son Daniel was 9 when he was given tainted blood please please I beg you

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