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Priti Patel putting personal ambition ahead of ministerial duty

by Steve Beasant on 3 November, 2017

Commenting on reports that Priti Patel held undisclosed meetings in Israel, Shas Sheehan, Liberal Democrat International Development Spokesperson, said:

“Priti Patel has made a grave error of judgement, which goes against the openness, accountability and scrutiny the work of a government minister demands.

“The Department for International Development is facing a litany of disasters around the world in which UK aid will play a key role in recovery and rebuilding. Shockingly, in the face of that responsibility, the Secretary of State has seemingly swanned off to Israel to pursue her personal career.

“It is objectionable that Priti Patel chooses to use her position of influence to inappropriately foster her own political ambition, disregarding both common courtesy due to the Foreign Secretary and government procedures.

“Priti Patel now must answer questions over whether she has broken the ministerial code of conduct. If she has, her position as Secretary of State is untenable.”

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