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David Davis’ Withdrawal Agreement Bill is not good enough

by Steve Beasant on 14 November, 2017

Yesterday David Davis announced that Parliament will get a vote on the final Brexit the government comes back with.

The union flag flying next to the EU flag.

On the face of it, this seems like a major concession. But the reality is it simply isn’t good enough.

First of all, David Davis has said that even if Parliament votes down the deal, the UK will still leave the EU. This means MPs are essentially being told to take it or leave it.

Secondly, the government is agreeing to give MPs a say on the final Brexit deal but not the public.

Imposing a Brexit deal on the British people without giving them a say would be theft of democracy.

The Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to ensure that the people, not politicians, get the final say, with a chance to exit from Brexit and stay in the EU.

The people voted to leave the EU, they should get to decide whether to accept the deal the government has negotiated.

If they reject the government’s Brexit deal, they must have the option to stay in the EU.

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