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Leaked paper shows trade deal further away than ever – Lib Dems

by Steve Beasant on 16 November, 2017

Following a leaked report claiming that the UK will only be offered a Canada-style trade deal, Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:

โ€œIt is possible that this paper has been leaked to put pressure on the British government, but it is a further sign of how far away we are from a deal.

โ€œFar from getting the โ€˜deep and specialโ€™ arrangement Theresa May promised, the government risks lumbering Britain with an off-the-shelf, hand-me-down deal similar to Canadaโ€™s which would give no passporting rights to the financial sector.

โ€œNo wonder heads of companies ranging from Goldman Sachs to Honda are warning that the government is taking Britain to the very brink in pursuit of their crazed, extreme Brexit.โ€

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