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Children’s Commissioner warns children feel they must attempt suicide to access mental health

by Steve Beasant on 21 November, 2017

The Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield today told the Health Select Committee that children she has spoken to feel they have to have attempted suicide before they can get mental health treatment.

Responding, Liberal Democrat former Health Minister Norman Lamb commented:

“Sadly, outrageous thresholds for treatment are all too common in children’s mental health services.

“It’s like telling someone who has cancer that they can only get treatment when they are at death’s door.

“Children’s lives are being put at risk because of the Government’s failure to invest properly in mental health support.

“We know that by treating problems early we can dramatically improve a child’s chances of recovery, as well as their future life prospects.

“Yet the Government insists on undertaking a series of reviews instead of providing properly-funded services which guarantee support for each child who needs it.”

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