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May must listen to aerospace industry and rule out no deal – Vince Cable

by Steve Beasant on 21 November, 2017

The aerospace industry has warned that a no-deal scenario for Brexit would be “chaotic”. Speaking to MPs on the business select committee, Paul Everitt of aerospace industry group ADS, warned “No deal would be the worst possible outcome, from an industry point of view. We believe that would be chaotic, and unhelpful for this particular sector, and a number of others.”

Responding, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

“The aerospace industry – civilian or military – is one of Britain’s most successful high tech sectors. It depends heavily on EU supply chains and the maintenance of a Customs Union arrangement along with the goodwill of close co-operation with France, Germany and Italy at government level.

“Theresa May has to rule out the option of leaving the EU without a deal or leaving without free trade and an absence of trade barriers.

“UK industry is potentially badly damaged by a lack of progress in Brexit talks and Tory recklessness over this country’s future. The British people, and UK business, must be given the opportunity to exit from Brexit.”

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