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Layla Moran : teachers’ basic terms and conditions of the jobs are being eroded

by Steve Beasant on 18 December, 2017

A National Education Union survey of teachers across England has found teachers’ pay being cut due to lack of annual pay rises and performance related pay progression.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Layla Moran said: 

“It is a sorry state that teachers across England are being denied pay progression by cash strapped schools. The basic terms and conditions of the jobs are being eroded year on year and the Conservatives don’t seem to care. Is it any wonder they face a teacher retainment crisis?

“The fact that over 90% of those denied progression were not aware they were at risk also points to a lack of support for teachers in schools.

Liberal Democrats would ensure all teachers get the support they need with at least 25 hours of Continuing Professional Development a year, and would ensure funding was returned to levels before 2015, so every teacher doing a good job gets the reward they deserve.”

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