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Labour snub the “many” for the “few”

by Steve Beasant on 21 December, 2017

Last night, instead of opposing the government, the Labour party clocked off early for Christmas and failed to back a Lib Dem Amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill.

The following article was written by Tom Brake and published today on the Lib Dem Website.

The union flag flying next to the EU flag.

Last night our effort to enshrine in law a vote on the final Brexit deal was defeated by the Conservatives after Labour failed to show up.

The Lib Dem amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill, if it had been passed, would have seen the people have a final say on the deal Theresa May brought back from Brussels.

The amendment would give voters the choice to accept the final Brexit deal or remain in the EU and opened the possibility of an exit from Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats would campaign to remain in the EU in any referendum on the deal, as they believe no deal the government could negotiate would be better than the one currently enjoyed as a member of the EU.

Last night’s vote was a shameful showing from the Labour party. They are meant to be opposing the government, but instead they are clocking off early for Christmas.

Once again the Labour leadership have failed to take a stand over Brexit.

They claim they are standing up for the many, but as soon as the opportunity comes to give the people a say on the nation’s future, they pull a sickie.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party consistently bringing the fight to the government over Brexit.

It is vital that at the end of this process, the people are given a say on the final deal and have the opportunity to exit from Brexit.

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