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Cable on Adonis resignation: Conservative hard Brexit pushed a good man to quit – but Lib Dems will work with him to stop government recklessness

by Steve Beasant on 29 December, 2017

Lord Andrew Adonis has resigned as the government’s infrastructure tsar because of the Conservatives’ mishandling of Brexit.

Responding, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

“Lord Adonis is one of the most thoughtful politicians around. This is why he has so many friends and political admirers beyond the Labour Party.

“It is, then, a great shame that he is no longer leading Britain’s infrastructure programme. Yet he felt there was no other option but to resign because of the way Brexit has been so badly mishandled.

“Notably, he is deeply concerned by how the Conservative leadership has pandered to its right wing over the single market and customs union, leaving which will badly – and needlessly – damage our trade.

“We hope to work closely with Andrew – and Lord Heseltine, another admirable politician who has been so badly treated by the Conservative right – in fighting to end the hard Brexit that the government is recklessly pursuing.”

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