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Lib Dems: Ambulance waiting time delays show government’s response to NHS winter crisis has been “wholly inadequate” – Vince Cable

by Steve Beasant on 29 December, 2017

NHS figures have shown that nearly 59,000 patients suffered ambulance waits of at least 30 minutes before being admitted to A&E from the end of November until Christmas Eve. Nearly 11,200 waited more than an hour.

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens warned that the health service in England needed at least £4bn more in the Budget, but Conservative Chancellor Philip Hammond allocated less than half that amount – £1.6bn.

Responding, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

“The head of the NHS has been warning for months that there would be a crisis and this is the latest sign that he is absolutely right. The government response has been wholly inadequate.

“In order to keep the NHS functioning, Simon Stevens said there needed to be an urgent £4bn funding injection. The most sensible and honest way of finding money for the NHS is putting a penny on the pound in income tax, which the Liberal Democrats have pledged, and the public understands is necessary.”

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